Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/28/2011 - 17:01

Hurricane IRENE delivered a significant amount of flooding to City Island. Many residents decided to ride out the storm. Despite being surrounded by water, City Islanders were somewhat skeptic questioning the knowledge of weather forecasters, while others believed there was way too much hype. However, most boat owners secured their vessels and stocked up on supplies, just in case.

Many told City Island Images that a little bit of flooding was not going to scare them out of their homes. Most of City Island falls under "Zone B" which means that evacuation is not mandatory. But a small portion, in the lowest elevations near the water is considered "Zone A."One such area is the corner of Ditmars and Hunter streets, also known as the wetlands. This is where 21 year old Gerry McCormick told us that he and his family are used to these flooding conditions.

City Island is also known for its take out seafood restaurants. One such place called Tony's Pier decided not to take any chances and closed the place shut.

The high tides and the strong winds were too much for the dock behind the City Island Yacht Club on Pilot street. Sophia and Paul Dinome said the winds and the waves destroyed it around 9:30 this morning. But on City Island, which gets its fair share of flooding, many people seem to take these flooding conditions in stride.

Photo courtesy: Y. Chen