City Island Memorial

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Most everyone agrees that City Island is not just a marvelous place to call home, but its also wonderful to visit. If you go out for a leisurely stroll, or a bike ride, the chances of meeting folks who are truly delighted dramatically increases. These visitors are amazed that such a place still exists in New York City.

One attraction many visitors may overlook is the loving memorial wall that our resident artist and award winning photographer Ron Terner has painstakingly developed and designed over the years.

The City Island Memorial Wall, which is continually growing is made from photo transfers, where the artist has developed a unique method by applying a clear varnish on his photographs.

Terner cuts into the varnish, soaks it in water and peels his images off of the paper. Then he varnishes these photos onto The City Island Memorial Wall.

These are exclusive portraits, which Terner has photographed of his City Island friends and colleagues over the past 42 years, where he has lived and worked.

These late City Island residents have lived and loved the island over the years and have since passed away. Terner feels this living tribute will allow locals and visitors to see some of these former city islanders and friends.

Focal Point Gallery was founded in 1974 by photographer Ron Terner. It serves as an alternative exhibition space for exceptional but little-known artists unable to gain recognition elsewhere. Terner mounts several exhibitions each year primarily of photography.

The techniques as well as the subject matter embraced by the artists runs the gamut and includes landscapes, pinhole computer images and photographic wall sculpture.

Focal Point Gallery
321 City Island Avenue
Bronx, N.Y.10464
Ron Terner

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