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If you were fortunate enough to spend quality time with the late and great Captain Ed Sadler, you would probably agree that he was a remarkable man. His son Richard Sadler is also a good guy and a boat captain, as well as the person who lived and prayed with Ed until his last breath. Dick asked City Island Images to invite everyone to the opening of his photography exhibit at The City Island Nautical Museum this weekend, which he is dedicating to the memory of his dad, the late Captain Ed Sadler.

The folks at the museum will also be delighted to introduce you to one of the most interesting collections of nautical themed artifacts and memorabilia. The museum is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. and by special appointment. This Sunday they will host a special reception to announce this marvelous collection of NY Harbor photographs.

The new exhibition of photographs of New York Harbor were all taken by Dick Sadler. The proceeds will go to the museum to hopefully purchase a much needed air conditioner, which was the long time desire of Captain Sadler, according to his old friend and sidekick Russel Schaller, who now serves as President of City Island's Historical Society. Ed and Russ were regulars at the museum every weekend. Russ tells City Island Images "that's what Ed wanted the most for the museum" Ed Sadler served as president of the historical society and the nautical museum for many years.

City Island Nautical Museum
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190 Fordham Street, City Island, Bronx, NY 10464