Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 16:07

Longtime City Island resident Alex Schibli became the highest bidder when the Rat Island auction ended this afternoon. The Swiss born engineer will pay 73 year old Edmund "Red" Brennen a total of $160K for the one plus acre island, which is made up entirely of rock. Red, who now lives in Jupiter, Florida, and is a former City Islander, reportedly paid $5K for Rat Island in 1972. He's pictured on the right wearing the biker suspenders.

Alex Schibli says he has been visiting Rat Island for years on his kayak and claims to have cleaned the island on several occasions. He added that he and his Colombian born partner, Noelba have even gone swimming there.

Rat Island has not been used for decades and I found no rats during a recent visit. In fact, with the help of a friend I like to call one of my news-lines, we recently navigated near Rat Island, which is only accessible by boat, helicopter or as Alex and Noelba also enjoy, by simply swimming over.

Rat Island is currently zoned for low density. So, if Alex Schibli wishes to use it commercially, he'll have to seek a change in zoning. If all goes smoothly Mr. Schibli and his partner will soon hold the deed to his very own private Island, off the coast of NYC, which is located off the east coast of City Island in Long Island Sound.