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"There has been Lots of panic buying", the words from City Island Supermarket owner Gabe Scavello. He says he still has plenty of food supplies, but adds that he is running out of batteries and reports his water supplies are extremely low. Gabe says he has seen a 50% increase in traffic over a normal day at IGA.

City Island Images also spoke with representatives from St Mary's Star of the Sea and Trinity United Methodist Church. Neither local religious organization is currently offering special services to island residents of at this time. They are praying and also taking a wait and see attitude.

Meanwhile, life goes on and so do funeral services. 92 year old Elaine Nap was laid to rest today
at City Island's Pelham Cemetery on King avenue. Ms. Nap lived on Schofield street, just a few houses away from 95 year old Ed Sadler. Sadler says she was a good lifelong friend. As far as Hurricane Irene is concerned, the retired veteran fire boat captain and president of the City Island Historical Society, who lives with his favorite son Dick, and is also a boat captain says he's not worried about the hurricane "storms come from the NE, so I am protected by the firehouse". The Sadlers lives next door to NYFD City Island headquarters.