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Who ever said most pledges made by politicians are all but “empty” promises should reconsider.

NYC Council member Jimmy Vacca has announced the City Council today approved an honorary street re-namings in his district: 'Ed Sadler Way' at the intersection of East Schofield Street and City Island Avenue.

At the Council’s Stated Meeting on Wednesday, May 22nd the Council voted in favor of legislation that will allow the intersection of East Schofield Street and City Island Avenue to be co-named ‘Ed Sadler Way.’

The street naming honor came at the request of Council Member James Vacca after Sadler passed away in November 2011. Ed Sadler was a 35-year veteran of the FDNY and lifelong resident of City Island. While working with the FDNY, he spent more than 30 years as a marine pilot of the FDNY Marine Division. In 2011, Ladder 53 on City Island faced elimination for the third straight year and he was a voice that made sure it remained open. He was also president of the City Island Historical Society and a beloved fixture at the City Island Nautical Museum. At the time of his passing, he was president of the City Island Historical Society, which runs the City Island Nautical Museum. He served as a volunteer there for over 15 years. He was also a member of the City Island Civic Association and regularly attended monthly meetings.

“Ed Sadler was a man who truly knew what it meant to work hard and give back to his community,” Council Member Vacca said. “When you talk about Ed Sadler, you’re talking about a man who was involved in every activity possible in City Island and a true student of its history. I am proud to say that I had the privilege of working with Ed over the years and he was a major influence in the fight to keep City Island’s Ladder 53 open. This street naming honor will forever remember his lifetime of achievements for the community that he loved.”

“He (Ed Sadler) truly loved City Island and its rich maritime history,” said Dick Sadler, son of Ed Sadler. “As a proud clam digger, born and raised in his family home on City Island, he would be truly honored by this recognition.”

Once the legislation is signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg, Vacca will join the family and friends of Ed Sadler at a street naming ceremony later this year.

Ed Sadler was City Island most senior community activist before he passed away at the age of 95. The late Captain Sadler was also President of City Island Historical Society. Ed, Jeanne and youngest son Dick Sadler issued the following statement and it really says it all... "Dad loved City Island and it's rich maritime heritage. As a proud clam digger, born in his family home, he would be truly honored by this recognition." also "It is a very special honor and we are quite proud of him. In addition, our Mom contributed tremendously in so many unseen ways that we honor her as well." City Island Images thanks the Sadler family for their loving comments.

Russel Shaller, the current President told City Island Images that he echoed their sentiments and added that this was wonderful news for all City islanders.

Jimmy Vacca vowed to Ed's son, Dick Sadler that he would make a special effort to change the name of the street where Ed was born and peacefully died 95 years later. He has lived up to that promise.