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Captain Ed Sadler passed away in November 2011 in the same Schofield Street house where he was born 95 years earlier. That house was built by his grandfather. Today the street was also named Ed Sadler Way.

Dozens of Ed Sadler's friends and supporters representing a cross section of City Island residents turned out to the noontime ceremony. The group included members of his large and beautiful family, some of which traveled to City Island to participate in the ceremony. The naming was spearheaded by NYC Council member Jimmy Vacca, who promised Ed's family that he would see to it that the street where Captain Sadler lived, would be recognized in perpetuity. Also in attendance were long time friends and respected senior members of the community; Ms. Stewart, Mr. Schaller, Ms. Galleghar, Ms.Kyle, and NYFD neighbors. Ed was a tireless advocate of fire safety. He served as a fire-boat captain for many years.

Pastor Ezra Yew of Trinity United Methodist Church, where Capt Sadler served as trustee for many years led the group in prayer. Ed was also a trustee of the City Island Historical Society, along with Pelham's Masonic Lodge.

Captain Ed Sadler was the essence of a community activist. He was a man who stood for what he believed in and one of the issues he became involved in was making sure that Ladder 53 was kept intact and available for City Islanders.

My parents loved the people of City Island, his son said while addressing the crowd. Dick Sadler spoke on behalf of his entire family, while sharing a few proud and emotional moments with the many well wishers.

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