Civic Equality?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/06/2014 - 14:32

The following paragraphs were written by the City Island Civic Association about two separate construction projects. One for 43 units and the other for 45 units. Please take your time and read each one of them carefully and then decide whether, or not these were treated equally and the same?

Tony Ryan of Greystone Development Corp., which is constructing homes in the old IUC property at 226 Fordham Street addressed the meeting. He said that the plans include the construction of 43 condo units in 22 buildings, some of which are two-family homes, some single family homes. The contamination has been cleared, and nothing unusual was found. Fill will be added two feet deep on the existing surface. This will be a gated community with a separate area that will allow public access to the waterfront, which is now being worked on, with barges removed, and the shoreline protected from excessive wave action. No prices or drawings are available at this time. There will be two parking spots per unit, and security costs are included in budget but would be part of the condominium expense for homeowners.

The Italian Hospital Society submitted its fourth proposal for the Schofield Street property on City Island Avenue. The Community Board objected to the proposal at the Board of Standards and Appeals hearing on May 20 on the grounds that the property is in a flood zone and thus hazardous for a senior facility. The Civic did not have time to take a vote on the project, but representatives thanked the BSA for having reduced the size of the project by about 85% down to 45 units and also expressed gratitude to the Community Board for its support. In addition, the Civic asked for a green roof and a water-permeable parking lot, which the developer agreed could be implemented. The BSA is expected to vote on the project on June 17 and will likely approve it. The next step would be for the Italian Hospital Society to apply to the Building Department for permits after undertaking contamination removal.