Civility Checks and Balances

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 11:07

Award-winning superstars don't need to use profanity while speaking truth to power. If my Tocayo Robert Anthony De Niro Jr., who is also a producer, and director, or anyone else wants to make a personal comment about the sad state of affairs in our political discourse, they should register between now and November 2018 and then make sure they VOTE.

#Register Depending on your state’s voter registration rules. 50-State Lookup Tool to cast your ballots.

Please urge every American citizen to register, and cast their ballots, either in person or via an absentee mail-in system. This is the most effective method to defend our government of laws, the judiciary, a free press, along with global trade and the longstanding practice of respecting our neighboring countries and allies.

As an immigrant, I think all Americans should realize they too were once immigrants or their ancestors and that we have helped make this the greatest democracy on earth by working together. As a proud American, I am troubled watching our so-called leaders attack Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans, women, the poor, basic decency, by the lack of clean drinking water everywhere, the decaying infrastructure, by the fact that there is still no electricity for much of Puerto Rico, by increasingly widespread shooting deaths in our schools and elsewhere, and by the separation of undocumented immigrant families at the US border. First They Came for the Migrants