Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/31/2012 - 20:31

Since it's inception last year, City Island Images has continually grown a significant following as a result of our daily news and information service. According to Google, City Island Images enjoyed 28 thousand page views last month. As a result of our daily news coverage and our live video streaming of midtown City Island, City Island Images has been featured in Sunday's New York Post, as well as other local newspapers.

This 28K figure is several times the population of City Island and nearly 10 times the circulation of The Island Current, which only publishes 10 times a year.

Since City Island Images Publisher Roberto Soto is a paid City Island Civic Association member in good standing, he's on their official mailing list. Therefore, as soon as City Island Images was notified that there were no scheduled guests at the CICA meeting, we reached out to the organization and requested permission to make a presentation. Our first written request never received a written or verbal response.

Over twenty four hours later, we tried again. Our second request on the following day was answered this way...." You have to make your request of the chairman at the meeting." City Island Images wonders if everyone who appears at CICA meetings is treated in this fashion?

Please, would someone kindly tell "the chairman" that as a constantly updated 24/7 electronic news service on the Internet, City Island Images can not fold an old piece of news copy and put it inside our pockets in hopes that a "CHAIR" decides whether or not we will be allowed to speak.

We wonder...Is this CICA's version of democracy inaction, City Island style?