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The Cold War rivalry between the United States and Russia has lasted for much of the second half of the 20th century resulted in mutual suspicions, heightened tensions and a series of international incidents that has brought the world’s superpowers to the brink of disaster.

The Russians are using a Maryland facility as a spy base, according to The White House, which has ordered it immediately shut down.

In an age of global warming, the cold war is about to get colder, but thank God there is no fighting directly between the two sides, although there have been regional wars, known as proxy wars, supported by the two sides.

So far, both democrats and Republicans appear to support the heightened actions and US sanctions.

McCain and Graham: U.S. needs to hit Russia hard for election hacking

Paul Ryan says Russia has undermined American interests around the world and sanctions were "necessary"

President Obama released a statement on new sanctions against Russians: "All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions."

WH's new sanctions on #Russia long overdue, but a small price for Russia to pay for the brazen attack on US democracy…

President Obama imposes sanctions on Russian officials, intelligence services in retaliation for hacking.

FBI and Homeland Security release joint report on Russia hacking