College Capping Course

Submitted by ub on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 20:39

Another semester has ended and over a dozen of my MARIST College students presented their final projects to their colleagues and distinguished faculty members today.

The following senior class Capping Projects represent topics, which our students are personally interested in and are extremely passionate about. They have been told to submit them within a Total Running Time of 10 minutes.

This eclectic mix of multimedia projects include, an ode to mom, an assortment of social issues, video games, comedy skits and music videos, just to name a few.

Some students chose to work with teams, while others preferred to produce them individually. Please note the necessary and required adult content warnings.

We invite you to view the fruits of their labor and hope these projects are worthy of the time being invested.

1) Alexander Rimoshytus

2) Rachel Karach, Gabrielle Palleschi, Melissa Parker call me whenvevrHi

3) Marissa Bellatoni, Anastasia Koskorelos

4) Ryan Pane

5) Kimberly Patota

6) Donald McCabe, Niicholas Sibilla

7) Das Parikshit

8) Joshua Royce

9) Norman Cottrill

10) Matthew Lynaugh