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Inspired by the top photo from Mothers Day, 1975 "COLOR ME MOM" updates four generations of mothers and daughters as they re-define love, strength, hope, and the courage to work hard and succeed...

The eldest lady, aka Great grandmother Fefa came from Cuba fleeing communism and seeking a better life for her daughter, aka Grandmother Tita and granddaughter, Ele.

Fefa's decision was not only wise, but as it turns out... Extremely successful.

Ele married Bob and named their their first daughter Natasha. She eventually married Charlie and is now is not only a beautiful wife, but also the loving mother of four healthy, bright and gorgeous children, Elena, Chloe, Sophia and Parker but a thriving business woman as well.

Ele and Bob had a second daughter who they named Sabrina. She is married to the media and is not only a successful TV personality, but an internationally renowned interior designer.

Happy Mothers day to Fefa in heaven, Tita who is unfortunately in poor health. Ele and Natasha are living in California happy together.

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