Colorado Leads The Great High Way

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/30/2013 - 18:21

2014 will be very first time legal recreational marijuana is sold anywhere in the world, after those Rocky Mountain High Colorado folks approved Amendment 64. Colorado opens the first global recreational pot industry, kicking off an international pot experiment. Marijuana retailers are expecting nearly $600 million in annual revenues.

On Wednesday, around 33 Retail Marijuana Centers will be selling pot to anyone who is 21 years old and can prove it, according to attorney Rachel K. Gillette, who also serves as Colorado NORML Executive Director. On January 1st, Colorado¹s licensed medical marijuana stores will begin transitioning to recreational sales. Because not all medical marijuana stores will have their recreational marijuana license, Colorado NORML has compiled a list of Retail Marijuana Stores expected to be open for business on January 1.

Please check the Colorado NORML website at for the most up-to-date list of state and locally licensed stores.

For tips on the responsible use of marijuana in Colorado, please see The Responsible Cannabis Consumer¹s Guide to Marijuana. This informational brochure was a joint effort of ten marijuana advocacy groups and can be found at

We would like to remind consumers that it is illegal to drive while impaired for any reason in Colorado. To help consumers gauge their impairment, Colorado NORML Board Member L Frieling and M Silverman have developed a FREE "Walk or Drive" app. Walk or Drive helps responsible people quickly, privately and accurately determine their impairment level prior to driving.

Despite Colorado¹s historic moment, marijuana remains illegal under US law and the Fe Government continues to deny the medicinal value of the cannabis plant.