Come Anger and Chafe?

Submitted by ub on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 10:11

They are officially calling it Commander-in-Chief, but it's beginning to feel and look more like come anger and chafe, as American voters appear to be in an advanced a state of annoyance with the tone of a camp pain full of lies, attacks and denials.

Clinton and Trump have attacked each other at events and on the media, but tonight Hillary and The Donald will finally take each other on from the same stage, but they should be taking the time to outline their platforms and stop the negative attacks and political mudslinging.

As a warm up to the previously scheduled presidential debates, the peacock will simulcast what NBC is calling a Commander-in-Chief Forum, presented by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Clinton and Trump are scheduled to take questions back-to-back about national security and veterans issues from NBC journalists and members of an audience of veterans and current service members.

The Commander-in-Chief Forum via @nbcnews

Trump and Clinton look to pass U.S. commander-in-chief test via @Reuters

Ahead of 'commander-in-chief forum,' Clinton mocks Trump's fitness for the job

NBC News presents the first-ever commander-in-chief forum via @nbcnews