Commander in Chief?

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It could have been called the commanding chef, as lies were being prepared live before our eyes. Some may now be saying there are way too many Indians and not enough Commander in Chief candidates in this election cycle.

Hillary Clinton spent most of the time on questions about her emails. Donald Trump struggled to explain his secret plan to defeat the Islamic State and does not appear to have the plan to address cyber security or ISIS.

Trump says US generals 'reduced to rubble' during Obama term:

Trump's suggestion that he'll fire the generals could tarnish the military's political neutrality

Clinton vows no more troops in Iraq as Trump slams 'dumbest' foreign policy

15 tweets that show Matt Lauer's rough night hosting NBC's Commander-in-Chief forum

From the archives: Trump’s long-running lies are actually an opportunity

Clinton takes heat for old controversies while Trump courts new ones

Donald Trump: Putin has 'been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader'

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Can't the USA do better than these two?

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NBC has allowed these stooges to ruin our media landscape.

DJ Trump, B Cosby, B Williams, M Lauer... etc.

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#TRUMPTOGUANTANAMO Who's an ugly American cheating thousands, insulting nations, lies to US military, knows more than generals, audited IRS?