Community Leaders Welcome Bx24

Submitted by ub on Mon, 04/09/2012 - 18:52

Country Club Bus extended to Commercial and Transit Hub.

NYC Council Member James Vacca, and other community leaders celebrate the new Bx24 bus service extension to Westchester Square.

Vacca and others advocated for the new Westchester Square stop at East Tremont and Westchester avenues after the Bx14 bus, which used to connect Country Club with Westchester Square, was eliminated in June 2010. The MTA announced that the Bx24 would be extended to Westchester Square in January and the new route officially began on Sunday, April 8th.

The Bx24 extension now runs up and down Westchester Avenue, between Bruckner Boulevard and East Tremont Avenue, linking residents to Country Club, Pelham Bay, and Westchester Square. The Bx24 now connects to other major bus lines such as the Bx4, Bx4A, Bx40, Bx42, Bx31, Bx21, Bx8, and the IRT 6 Train.

“After the MTA cut the Bx14 bus line, residents of Country Club immediately felt the loss of their connection the Westchester Square Community,” Vacca said. “Although it took some time, the MTA heard our voices and our request for a bus that could bring these residents to and from one of the Bronx’s major commercial hubs has finally been granted with the Bx24 extension. I thank all of those who endured this effort and the MTA for making this possible.”