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They came but left without meeting with local victims and then returned for another round, with the feel for heels to end this Summer of discontent. Is he sorry for the growing number of deaths, does he truly understand the dangers the polluted Superfund sites pose and the increasing pain and suffering of the people?

What will he actually do? We shall see how he comports himself in the long run and if he's being really sincere about representing everyone, regardless of nationality, race, gender, color or creed. Does he still have to show that he works for all of US?

President Donald Trump says he'll donate $1 million of his fortune to recovery efforts in Texas, though no sign of these actions, which we all know by now are much louder than words.

Transcript for Trump visits storm-scarred Texas for 2nd time…

Trump returns to flood-ravaged Texas, this time to try out role of ‘consoler-in-chief’

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Trump returns to Gulf Coast for test as 'comforter in chief' @CNNPolitics

Trump visits Harvey victims in Houston — live updates…

Trump Returns to Texas, Visits Harvey Victims…

President Trump meets victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas: 'There's a lot of love' |

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Americans are still waiting for that $1 million payment to Houston, Texas. They could use it NOW @POTUS. You're always bragging about how rich you are and that you have a big heart... Show that signed check to US.

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Texans haven't seen that million dollars #POTUS promised. They could really use it now, #TRUMP. There are lots of displaced folks, so put up, or shut up!