Control COVID19

Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 05:40

Whatever laypeople say about #COVID19, can only be trusted, once verified by scientific researchers and medical experts.

This appears to be the best solution to control the global pandemic. Everything else appears to be a Destructive Distraction.

Let us not repeat the mistakes made during past epidemics. Knowledge and wisdom should be our guide, not partisan politics.

The public is now being advised to “Keep our distance, wash our hands, think of others, and play our part. All together.

A new set of words to the wise message falls under the ‘Stay Alert’ banner campaign to control the spreading global pandemic.

Remember, there are real doctors, quacks, witch doctors, and those who wish they were doctors, but don't have what it takes.

‪The @AP has exclusively learned @GOP conservative groups ASR’s are seeking to recruit "pro-Trump" doctors to support reopening amid pandemic, countering advice of public health experts and @CDCgov, according to a leaked telephone call‬

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