Submitted by ub on Fri, 07/06/2012 - 10:24

If Orchard Beach, or Coney Island are not your thing, then New York City's outdoor pools will remain open for the 2012 season until September 3rd. Indoor pools are open year-round.

When using the outdoor pools, you must wear a bathing suit and bring a padlock with you. You are not allowed to bring beach chairs, baby strollers, bags, blankets, or beach balls on the pool deck. Before going to the pool, review the rules for other important information. Swimming is allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard.

If you prefer to just sit quietly, then New York City offers cooling centers in air-conditioned public facilities for those experiencing physical discomfort in a heat wave. Learn more about ways to stay cool by visiting the link below:

Find a Public Swimming Pool or Cooling Center -