Creativity Explained

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TED’s new video series explores genius design we take for granted in daily life

To get my creative juices flowing, I try to test my limits by exposing myself to different situations and pushing through the uncomfortable ones. Once I reach a level of confidence, I'm amazed what I can accomplish.

Scientists have found why some people are more creative than others. The creative thought involves dynamic interactions of large-scale brain systems, with the most compelling finding being that the default and executive control networks, which can show an antagonistic relation, tend to cooperate during creative cognition and artistic performance.

Creative actions that are common among ordinary people like drawing, making recipes, writing and any activity done with the purpose of being creative reflects psychological health.

Everyday creativity in daily life: An experience-sampling study of “little c” creativity.

Creative Cognition and Brain Network Dynamics

New study reveals why some people are more creative than others…

The default network and self-generated thought: component processes, dynamic c...

Introducing a new creative service. My Drunk Boyfriend, the only life-size doll guaranteed to make you feel like your man is right there with you.My Drunk Boyfriend - SNL

A new study has finally revealed why some people are more creative than others.…