Cult of Personality

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Who's next among infamous cults of personality? Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Saddam, Putin, Castro...

Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and prevention.
None of these dangerous men would have done their harm to humanity if they had undergone psychiatric tests. The longer they're in office, the more they shocked and alarmed with strange and extremely unpresidential behavior.

What could be possibly wrong with an individual who has total access to the world’s most powerful information-gathering machine, with an intelligence budget estimated at $73 billion, who prefers to rely on conspiracy theorists, conservative cable channels to understand current events?

Donald Trump’s doctor has duty to AMERICA to test mental health, 70 psychiatrists say

Doctors want President Trump's head examined @CNN

A Yale psychiatrist is telling congressional Democrats that Trump exhibits a "pattern of violent behavior and violent tendencies," while her own professional association is condemning "the use of psychiatry as a political tool." @elainejgodfrey reports:…