Darker July Nights?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/10/2016 - 10:37

With two political conventions back to back and right around the corner, will our nation accept division as a norm, or reject it once and for all. Let's keep our great country and not turn it over to haters, financial opportunists, or mad money grubbers.

Following last weeks killing of black men and the ambush of white police officers, Americans must now make an effort to get along and learn tolerance and accept our difference and embrace races.

Discrimination and racial profiling has been going on for far too long in The United States of America. Enough is enough and its now time for all to come together.

Public anguish needs to rise to a new level in this great nation. Lets make America greater and reject the haters. We must stay focused in the face of difficulty. We need compassion and not lose our humanity just because a few are spreading lies.

Crowds Line Up to Hug Police Officers in Dallas -WATCH… … #dallaspoliceCrowds

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people. - Theodore Roosevelt

From 2014 to 2016, the percentage of Americans concerned about race relations doubled. #MTP