Deadly Bronx Blaze

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At least 12 New Yorkers are dead as a result of a fire which took the lives of people ranging in ages from 1 to 63 years old. The Bronx historic fire is considered the worst in a quarter of a century and occurred inside a building near The Brox Zoo.

Four kids among 12 killed in in New York City apartment fire…

Fire in New York City apartment block kills 12 including four children

'Worst NYC fire' in 25 years kills at least 12, injures 4 people @CNN

Bronx Fire, City’s Deadliest in Decades, Kills at Least 12 and Injures More

12 dead, including 4 children, in a massive apartment fire in New York City - ABC News -

12 dead after fire sweeps through Bronx apartment building

Twelve people died in massive Bronx fire

At least 12 dead in New York City apartment fire

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