Death on The Rails

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At least two deaths have been reported as a result of another train derailment, this time near Philadelphia. The train, which was carrying 341 and seven crew members, has forced a halt to rail services along a stretch of the northeast of the United States.

Amtrak officials say that the train, the Palmetto, was en route from New York to Savannah, Georgia, when it struck a backhoe on the tracks south of Philadelphia.

Amtrak train strikes backhoe, derails with 340-plus on board @CNN

BBC News - Amtrak Philadelphia: Two feared dead as train derails

Amtrak service disrupted in Northeast after derailment

PHOTOS: Fatal Amtrak derailment in Chester, Pa. via @6abc

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A Backhoe on the tracks... Parked? Digging up rocks? Were they going for a cruise down the tracks? Another Darwin Award winner to remove defective genes? Why would anyone with an IQ larger than their SHOE SIZE drive a backhoe onto TRAIN TRACKS?

That backhoe driver should be doing prison time. Never leave the backhoe on a freeway, but train tracks....Silly me, this is America. The construction company will sue Amtrak for insufficient signage and want $$$$ to buy a new backhoe.