Decency Won

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Sore Losers are never decent. Mr. Jones is going to Washington, DC after a stunning victory against Roy Moore, who refuses to concede Alabama on the horse he rode in.

Alabama Registered voters woke up this morning after rising to the challenge and voting for decency. They now have a new senator-elect they can be proud of, Doug Jones, after the Democrat shocked Trump-backed candidate Roy Moore in an upset for the state's open Senate seat.

Roy fought accusations of allegedly molesting teenage girls in the 1970s when he was in his 30.

Alabama does not have to put up with this anymore. However, Moore wants a recount hoping it will change the outcome of the special election.

Doug Jones’ victory over Moore is a serious political blow to POTUS coattails. Trump threw his full support on Moore and lost big.

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Tump and Bannon are the big fat dumb losers.

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Alabama voters send a message...Roy Moore’s defeat shows that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon like losers.