Defamation and False Light

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/25/2012 - 19:32

Hosted by: Linda Streitfeld, Director of Programs, National Press Foundation

Special guest: Kevin M. Goldberg, special counsel at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC, legal counsel to the American Society of Newspaper Editors

What constitutes defamation? When is it OK to publish private facts about a public person? In this hour-long session, we answer these questions and help you understand your rights, know the boundaries and head off trouble.

NEXT: Copyright For The Web

On Februrary 28th (12:30 - 1:30 PM), we'll sit down with Kevin M. Goldberg to discuss copyright concerns for journalists. What material from others can you legally post to your own blog or website? We'll find out, and answer your questions at our next session! We hope to see you there.