Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Submitted by ub on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 18:31

The news comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, but this one is a DACA disaster. I denounce the decision by the Trump administration to end DACA. This marks a continuation of the anti-immigrant racist policies Trump has supported from the start. Is Trump not clever enough to realize Hispanos Unidos de America are becoming the majority to be reconned with?

In fact, former President Barack Obama has spoken out saying Trump’s decision is ‘cruel’ and ‘self-defeating’. ‘They’ve done nothing wrong’: Obama shames Trump for attack on Dreamers…

Like so many other I am a member of a family which immigrated to the US. We came to America for the same reason that today’s immigrants do, for a better life for ourselves and our families, especially our kids and grandkids. But Trump has used the issue of undocumented workers, along with racism and anti-Semitism, to divide people and disguise the real causes of the declining standards of working people. Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program, places onus on Congress

DACA provides renewable two-year work permits for immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children, was created by President Obama after the Republican-led House of Representatives refused to act on immigration. Nearly 2 million undocumented young folks are eligible to apply for the DACA program. Nearly 800,000 had their request for DACA status granted in 2016. Of those who have DACA status, most are either full-time employees, serving in the military or students. The administration has decided to tie any new legislation to Trumps's effort to build a border wall. Trump ends DACA but gives Congress window to save it @CNNPolitics

The major factors that make American higher education a world-class system is knowledge of the value of diversity. We owe it to these students and their families, as well as to other undocumented young people, to speak out against this action. We call on President Trump to allow these folks people to remain in America.

We also ask our readers to demand their Congressional representatives to enact a comprehensive immigration reform policy that will welcome those fleeing political persecution and violence as well as those who simply seek a better life, regardless of their race, religion, or national origin.

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