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Who says the new NFL season begins on September 10th? The jammed packed drama connected to the action packed sport of football will not be played out on the gridiron, but inside a courtroom today. This legal game is in the fourth down of the final quarter because the Deflate-gate saga could very well be settled today.

The issue exists following a game in January when the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts, allegedly with the aid of under-inflated footballs.

The Patriots’ superstar quarterback, was suspended for one-quarter of the regular season as a result. While Tom Brady continues to protest his innocence, the players’ union appealed to a federal court to overturn the four games ban. Stay tuned, sports fans.

Brady v. Goodell: Questions about Wednesday's Deflategate hearing… via @SInow

Roger Goodell evasive when asked about Deflategate… via @BostonGlobe

Deflategate judge pressures Tom Brady, NFL, union to settle

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Go Pats!

Why are tensions between race and gender negotiated when these two identifications intersect in news stories about black male athletes accused of domestic violence?