Demagoguery Films For US

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There was once was a pompous leader who gained support by appealing to the popular desires and prejudices of every man rather than by using rational argument.

Some called him a rabble-rouser, others a political agitator, a soapbox orator, a firebrand, fomenter, or phony provocateur. But at the end, he tricked enough people who didn't realize they had been fooled.
In ancient Greece and Rome, these leaders or orators espoused the cause of the common people.

The following major motion pictures are highly recommended for your viewing pleasure. Please try to watch them over the next four years to help you gain your sanity. Just remember that films and reality TV shows are not real. They're mostly fake and produced to simply to appease and entertain the masses.

The Great Dictator

The Last King of Scotland

Gabriel Over the White House


Citizen Kane

All the King’s Men

A Face in the Crowd

Good Night, and Good Luck

Bob Roberts


Elmer Gantry

Seven Days in May

Keeper of the Flame

The Manchurian Candidate * THE END *