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While billions have been spent to repair, or replace our damaged infrastructure, there has been less emphasis on protecting people and property from extreme traffic and weather conditions that climate change could bring. The elevation of this bridge could also become a factor in the near future.

These issues are going to require investment on a staggering scale. While this project moves forward, the idea to protect City Islanders and all pedestrians using this potentially dangerous bridge could still be included, following this valid concern.

If safety is supposed to be a top priority with everyone involved in road and bridge-building, then why will thousands of residents and thousands more visitors to City Island, a slice of NYC paradise and a small waterfront community on the northeastern tip of the Bronx will have to cross a new bridge without any safety pedestrian protective rails on either side?

Where is the shared-use path to allow walkers and bikers to cross the bridge separated from traffic? Unfortunately, except for a curb, there will not be any pedestrian protection. The curb is considered adequate for a roadway with a 25mph speed limit, but those who jog, or walk across the new bridge may beg to differ.

NYC DOT Division of Bridges will host an opening ceremony for the New City Island Bridge on Sunday, October 29, 2017. Please ask DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Deputy Commissioner Robert Collyer and the Tutor Perini project team, who will all be assembled at the foot on the City Island side of the new bridge at 11:00A why they failed to provide a safety barrier for pedestrians crossing this $100M NYC transportation project.

Those brave individuals who attempt to cross the bridge on foot may feel the need for a protective barrier to separate them from high-speeding vehicular traffic, which as we all know has been responsible for accidents and deaths in the past. The old and antiquated bridge had a protective barrier and the temporary bridge also had it on one side. So the question which begs to be asked is what happened here? Who dropped the ball?

This may not be the first time NYC or Tutor Perini are involved in New York bridge drama, but this one may become one of the most serious safety issues.

Concerns mount over City Island bridge…

We have attempted to clarify whether or not there will be barriers separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic on both sides of The City Island Bridge to protect everyone crossing this $100 million dollar plus project???

City Images has asked Tutor Perini as well as NYC officials, but we have yet to receive a response.

We suggest the thousands of Mussel Suckers and Clamdigger who live on the island should also be concerned enough to pressure officials for this crucial safety feature.

Tutor Perini

NYC DOT public servants.

Recently a local driver was killed after crashing on highway in The Bronx…

One construction expert, who is a City Islander asked why its taking longer for our small bridge to be built that it took for the massive Tappan Zee Bridge project? We say, please demand answers from the powers that be.