Democracy = Equality

Submitted by ub on Sat, 12/09/2017 - 11:14

Did you know that US Blue States support the Red States? According to The Associated Press, the world's oldest journalism cooperative, the Blue high-tax states have been funding the Red low-tax states for a long time in America.

The GOP's myth that red low-tax states are subsidizing blue high-tax states because of the deduction for state and local taxes is totally wrong.

An Associated Press Fact Check finds it’s actually the other way around. High-tax, traditionally Democratic states (blue), subsidize low-tax, traditionally Republican states (red) — in a big way.

AP FACT CHECK: Blue high-tax states fund red low-tax states

Furthermore, President Obama has finally spoken with a stern warning for the US. He says Americans must protect democracy or risk following Hitler's Nazi Germany. Obama: Protect democracy or risk-taking path of Nazi Germany

By the way, Trump is known as the Twitter master, but in fact, according to Twitter, its Obama who had 3 of the 10 most retweeted posts of the year while Trump had none, zip, nada, nothing. So there, another pile of BS.