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A Report of the Annenberg Working Group on Presidential Campaign Debate Reform. Democratizing the Debates
Philadelphia: Annenberg Center, 6/15

The Annenberg Debate Reform Working Group has presented this analysis and related recommendations in the service of Presidential debates that reflect major changes in our electorate, politics and media. More can and should be done to enrich their content, enlarge their audience and improve upon their accessibility. The members of the Working Group are confident that while views about the particulars will vary, there is likely near‑unanimity about the vital importance of Presidential debates and, therefore, of the need to ensure that they continue to answer the needs of the voters who have watched and listened to them, and to draw into our political process those who have not.

Democratizing the Debates
(Philadelphia: Annenberg Public Policy Center, June 2015)

CITY IMAGES recommends that the bipartisan Annenberg Working Group on Presidential Campaign Debate Reform should invite all candidates to wear lie detectors and show the results on the screen, while every one of these politicians answer the questions posed to them. What say you?

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