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@POTUS and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu have in common?

Both their wives are worthless.

What is @POTUS? The leader of the GOP, or a wannabe popular politician? Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.
“He was and is a lonely man,” says Jack O’Donnell, a former Trump casino executive

One thing for certain. As someone who boasted about hiring the best people and being the greatest deal maker, he surely has lots of explaining to do. Some say Donald J is losing his base, while other says he's confusing it. Has he has shrunk the presidency and is he minimizing America? Honey, I Shrunk the Oval Office

Is he the president or is he trying to act the part? Will he be nominated for an EMMY or maybe Not?…

Meanwhile, his own Republican party is mad as hell and has apparently decided they're not going to take it. House Republicans remove Trump's most controversial budget cuts from spending bill

Juggalos draw bigger crowd on the national mall than pro-Trump rally…

Loyalty to Trump is a one-way street
Left warns Pelosi, Schumer: Don’t get too close to Trump
Trump takes on Bannon in Alabama Senate showdown

Trump confuses, worries his base by dealing with Dems

Tillerson heads to U.N. gathering with Haley waiting in the wings