Demolition Democracy

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Have you heard about this? Pizzagate is the term that describes a supposed pedophilia ring among celebrities and members of the Democratic Party. First exposed in the John Podesta emails, the alleghations revolve around Comet Pizza in Washington DC. Comet Pizza shares the same initials as Child Porn. The owner of this pizza joint posts many suggestive photos of young children on his instagram, now made private. This is a developing story and may expand into the largest child protection legal cases in world history.

Ub, you worked in media for decades. Do you know of pedophilia that has been hidden. You said you knew of gay members of the media who were still in the closet. What else do you know? Did you know of the allegations of Roger Ailes? Do you know of pedophilia in subsections of the media?

This is not fake, this is real news, folks and the warning signs have been ignored for too long.

A year ago, American journalist and political commentator Bill Moyers warned US. He was White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration. He now serves as a news media pundit and is a critic of the corporately structured news media.

Bad News for Democracy Is Great News for TV Profits

Seven years earlier, my Tocayo and Washinton Post and Newsweek journalist Robert Jacob Samuelson who specializes in business and the economy issued a similar warning.

Is it too late to wake up and take notice that a democratic system established by our founding fathers is in a clear and present danger? What happened to the notion of trust but verify?,_but_verify