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The word genius has never come close to defining The Donald. It's often the case that idiots try to describe themselves and others this way, but are ignorant of the real word's meaning.

Donald Trump says he's smart and others called him a genius for not paying taxes. You should see what many people are saying now. The one and only genius act have been to scam US.

Access Hollywood Identifies Woman in Donald Trump Tape as Nancy O'Dell.… … via @thr

The newly released recording of Trump reveals him using crude, profane and vulgar words, descriptions and comments about women. His deplorable response was to blame Clinton. Hours later he tried to apologize, calling his crude remarks "'nothing more than a distraction":

How could anyone look at their sister, wife or daughter and say they endorse The Donald?
What are deplorable disciples Fat Cat Chris and Rude Rudy saying now? They called him a genius for not paying taxes. Don't either one of them respect their wives or daughters? At least one of them is smart enough to support intelligent Hillary. Rudy Giuliani just got some very bad news.… via @MotherJones

Hillary Clinton questions Donald Trump's fitness to serve as President.

One friend points out that all networks should quadruple ad rates for Sunday night's debate, predicting a massive NASCAR race along with a Super Bowl audience.

Trump’s extraordinary, sexually aggressive comments could seal the married women vote for Clinton

NBC should release raw footage of 'The Apprentice'

Donald Trump Defends Sexual Predators Including Himself via @thedailybeast

USA needs a clean sweep today. #BestForAmerica
#vote #flipCongress #StrongerTogether #VoteThemOut #YourVoteIsYourVoice

Would William F Buckley Jr. talk to Trump? @JamesRosenFNC "A Torch Kept Lit":

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