GOP Desperados

Submitted by ub on Sun, 01/03/2021 - 04:42

desperado is someone tantamount to a loner, and the way these titular characters are being presented as those who are afraid. 

Kelly Loeffler has reached out, David Perdue has, Nikki Haley, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump Jr, and POTUS among many others.

The liars are consistent as the crucial runoff election in Georgia is just a few short days away. If they do not do all they can right now, the GOP will lose EVERYTHING. From freedom of speech to a right to bear arms to our freedom of religion- they claim Liberals will change everything, but these old alarmist statements are old worn-out lies, and they have known it, but continue to send these emails as a last-ditch money-making scam.

The message keeps coming... The Democrats spent $11 million attacking us and outspent us 3:1. They spent more dark money against us than any other race in the nation…  They go on to claim that with the Democrats already organizing against us, meeting our goal now is the only way to ensure we have the resources required to fight back. Nancy Pelosi is prepared to spend whatever it takes to buy this seat out from under us so, Fellow Conservative, this is our last shot to start 2021 on the right foot.

Then they say, to put it bluntly: if we lose this seat we lose any chance of taking back the House for Republicans. We’ve worked too hard and come too far to fall short now. Fellow Conservative, we need a last-minute surge... etc.

This posse needs to be more receptive to the idea of accepting reality into his life. And this advice is not only due to Lame-Duck Donald getting no younger, as he's progressively aging. But also isolating himself in such a manner in the name of freedom is ultimately working against its intended ideology. His own ideology of roughing it alone is not actually conducive to #USA overall well-being.