Did Tea Party Bring US Occupy Wall Street?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 10:49

The folks at the Occupy Wall Street movement could very well take a few lessons and learn some tips from those at The Tea Party: The injustice protesting a new path to real relevance These supporters hope to push political discussion to the left in the way the Tea Party pushed it to the right. Where will it end, nobody knows!

Some of the people who want to change the world have become empowered by the populist message of Occupy Wall Street, with hundreds of Twitter and Facebook pages popping up in cities during the past week, seeking volunteers for local protests and fostering discussion about the group’s concerns.

They may slow down our nation's economy with events on, photographs and blogs from all over the country these people see themselves as victims of not just a sagging economy but also economic injustice.

Some call it a leaderless movement of the masses, straight out of the sixties. Others call it a counter balance to The Tea Party.