Practice Diversity and Inclusion

Submitted by ub on Tue, 01/05/2021 - 15:17

As a multilingual Latino media executive and academic maestro, I've always practiced Diversity and Inclusion.


-Internal Leadership:

Provide leadership to teams and internal stakeholders as they implement initiatives to increase engagement and address specific departmental issues related to multicultural diversity, equity, and inclusion. Provide leadership and support to Resource Groups, collaborating with them in achieving their established goals and objectives, facilitating access to senior leadership, and coordinating events and other offerings across the organization that aligns with our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Assist in providing communities with metrics for transparency, community input, and collaboration on annual initiatives. Gather feedback from participants and refine approaches to allow continuously evolve and effectively support the organization.

 -Recruitment and Retention:

Leverage internal and external partnerships to achieve diversity initiatives and goals. Partner with HR and broader company leadership team to develop and build diverse teams with competitive talent. Build relationships with external talent pipelines that specialize in recruiting candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Partner with HR on identifying internal top talent and building career development opportunities. Identify training opportunities to increase awareness of the value of diversity in the workplace, the removal of bias, and the importance of an inclusive culture on a continual basis. Develop and deliver training to facilitate employee perceptions and behaviors. Identify and engage external partners to help support our training needs where applicable.


Develop and establish an annual strategy in partnership with Human Resources and other key leaders that addresses D&I in multiple areas across the organization, considering but not limited to recruitment strategies, retention and development of diverse talent, training and learning opportunities, career advancement, corporate initiatives, and community engagement. Serve as a thought leader, adviser, and business partner to senior leaders regarding diversity and inclusion-related issues, topics, and programs. Drive an integrated approach to D&I and implement impactful initiatives.

 -Measuring Success:

Manage, develop, and foster a company-wide diversity and inclusion roadmap with a focus on achieving measurable, sustainable results. Design key performance indicators to measure and track results and ensure accountability, and communicate progress to business leaders and employees on a regular basis. Partner with HR and Senior Leadership Team to ensure diversity goals are incorporated into our employee career growth and development; talent assessment; and succession planning strategies and that results are tracked within our diversity.

 -External Leadership:

Stay abreast of best practices, external partnership opportunities, technology, and tools to complement diversity initiatives. Represent Meredith externally as a thought leader on all D&I matters including participation in forums, events, and press opportunities.