Diversity's Failure

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As my friend and neighbor likes to say, "Interesting stuff beats the heck out of boring stuff," And Wasn't George Wallace interesting, (leaving the substance of his message aside)? Loud, passionate, charismatic candidate. Trump is similar, even leaving all politics aside; the way he entertains a crowd and gives hope to the working class. And isn't entertainment and hope all we're looking for in life? I say elect Trump and let the checks and balances of our government keep him in line.

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Speaking of Moke Judge, they should bring back King of the Hill. Great show

To my former colleagues in broadcast news:

This is, arguably, the biggest political story since at least 1968: the potential presidential candidacy, on a major Party ticket, of an open racist.

This article postulates that we need more journalists of color to call Trump out.
We also need more white journos to stop dealing in false equivalence, and point out the naked racist fear and white nationalism propelling Trump.

If you fail, history will treat you as badly as it has reporters in 1920's Germany who reported "even-handedly" on Herr Hitler's rise. Journalism is a duty to the larger public. Never forget.

By: Charles Jaco

If Media Were More Diverse, They Would Call Out Trump’s Racism and Xenophobia More Readily… via @TheRoot