Divided States of America?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 11/13/2016 - 17:14

Following an American election where one candidate won the popular, but the winner won the Electoral Colege votes necessary for appointment. No matter what anyone says...
May God Bless The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This land is your land...

PLEASE... Do not allow a collective shock, or fear turns into shame or tears.
Remember the voter turnout will be progressively historic over the years.

As Americans we must resolve to remain united by our language, culture, national origin, status, as well as by race, religion, gender, preference, political affiliation and so much more...etc.

Therefore, now is the time for us to strengthen our resolve, to keep organizing, and fighting for our rights, not just for ourselves and future generations but for the greater good. Begin by ourselves, then with allies inside and outside of the social media spectrum.
An extremely bright future is still in our hands.

There is absolutely nothing, ni nada to be gained and mucho mas to be lost from any resignation or despair.

#CITYIMAGES hopes and prays that Americans do not allow politics to divide any of US during the upcoming holidays, or ever.