Divided States of Confusion?

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We should fight before allowing anyone to say this is not the greatest nation on earth.

Congratulate the USA. It only took us 240 years to give America away to a racist, who leads the party of Lincoln and an egomaniac, who heads the party of FDR. Hillary is under an FBI investigation and The Donald, by the IRS. Perhaps this is the real time to hit that reset button to continue enjoying this greatest nation on earth. May God Bless America.

Meanwhile, we waste money on investigations, while the bloodbaths in America has prompted much research into the causes of gun violence, and which policies work best against it... Correct? No way Jose. Can you see why?

Gun interests, wary of any possible limits on weaponry, have successfully lobbied for limitations on government research and funding, and private sources have not filled the breach. So funding for basic gun violence research and data collection remains minuscule, with the annual total for all gun violence research projects appears to be well under $5 million.

Some believe there’s little hope Congress will do anything substantive to reduce gun violence, regardless of what scientists find. Meanwhile, those who study gun violence report receiving angry emails and death threats from believers in unrestricted gun ownership.

Public health and safety researchers took a look at gun violence 30 years ago when firearm homicide rates were climbing to epidemic proportions. In 1986 more than 60,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds. 30 years later
nothing has changed, while some folks insist they need assault rifles for hunting? Seriously? Hunting whom?