DJT Herd Immunity

Submitted by ub on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 07:03

Have you heard about a POTUS preposterous plan of herd immunity? At the present rate of 50K infections per day in the USA today it translates to mass murders and it means that if we wait until a large number of people contract the #Coronavirus and hope they recover, millions will have died.

Ask yourself if your Governor is practicing heard immunity by allowing seniors and minorities to become infected and may die? All elected representatives should decry Trump’s coronavirus lack of a response, or to lay out a plan for international cooperation.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that those who have had it and recover will not get #COVID19 again. However, the extent of protection via natural infection is unknown with the new coronavirus. Moreover, more people would die while waiting for herd immunity than if a vaccine was produced.

This risk is not acceptable and the Americanpeople can’t afford to allow the masses to get infected to reach herd immunity when we know so little about the longer-term effects.

What do we have to lose? Millions of innocent lives If we chose to follow this outrageous  incompetence and recklessness.
The head of the @WHO World Health Organization has ruled out a herd immunity response to the pandemic. #Herdimmunity is when a large portion of a community becomes immune to a disease through vaccinations or through the mass spread of a disease.