Dog Walkers ‘Pooper Scooper’ Law Enforcement

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/19/2012 - 23:16

This one is a disgusting bit of business, but it needs to be addressed, as it is becoming a curb hazard, with frustrations of dog leavings on the rise.

On our sidewalks, inside our parks, at curbs and in plain sight, dog poo is being left in increasing amounts, lying in wait for an unlucky individual to step on.

Most folks we have spoken with say they're tired of this crap. They report finding these droppings on our streets and being forced to step around this nasty stuff. Most agree - If you cant pick up after your own pet, then you should not have a pet.

PLEASE NOTE: Section 161.03 of the New York City Health Code specifically outlines a lot of places where your pet can’t poop:

a) A person who owns, possesses or controls a dog, cat or other animal shall not permit the animal to commit a nuisance on a sidewalk of any public place, on a floor, wall, stairway or roof of any public or private premises used in common by the public, or on a fence, wall or stairway of a building abutting on a public place.

Who can issue a ticket if a dog poops and the owner won’t scoop? Authorized employees of NYC’s Departments of Health, Sanitation, or Parks and Recreation.