Doggie Love

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Surprise, America has a new animal to love. Flynn the Bichon Frise won best in the show at the Westminster Kennel Club, a choice that seemed to shock almost everyone in the NYC crowd attending the annual Madison Square Garden canine event.

Believe me, a Bichon Frise was apparently not what many dog show fans were expecting. That I can tell you.

Win Like Flynn: A Bichon Frise Is This Year's Top Dog At Westminster Show

Flynn, a Bichon Frisé, Tops a Strong Field for Best in Show at Westminster

A Westminster wow: Bichon Frise becomes America's top dog

Westminster Dog Show 2018: And the winner is ... Flynn the bichon

Adding to this love bite, this is new years eve, which is celebrated as The Year of the Dog. How to stay lucky during the Chinese New Year

In China, during the Qin Dynasty, the elderly would thread coins with a red string. The money was referred to as "money warding off evil spirits" (Chinese: 壓祟錢; pinyin: yāsuì qián) and was believed to protect the person of the younger generation from sickness.

The yasui qian was replaced by red envelopes when printing presses became more common and are now found written using the homophone for suì that means "old age" instead of "evil spirits" thus, "money warding off old age" (Chinese: 壓歲錢; pinyin: yāsuì qián). Red envelopes continue to be referred to by such names today.

Red envelopes are gifts presented during holidays such as Chinese New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is a symbol to ward off evil spirits. The act of requesting red packets is normally called taohongbao (Chinese: 討紅包; pinyin: tǎo hóngbāo) or yao lishi (Chinese: 要利是; pinyin: yào lì shì), and in the south of China, dou li shi (Chinese: 逗利是; pinyin: dòu lì shì; Cantonese Yale: dau6 lai6 si6).

Therefore, a red envelope is a gift from married couples to single people, regardless of age, or by older to younger ones during special holidays and festivals.

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