Don Be Cruel

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Please do not call it fake news because Trump said the victory vote would be tonight, period.

The so-called great negotiator who coined art deals guaranteed it. They forgot to add maybe. my bad, next paragraph.

House sets do-or-die vote for AHCA Friday after Trump ultimatum

Trump demands do-or-die Friday vote on healthcare plan

In the meantime, tell your lawmakers how strongly you feel about your health care plan.

White House, in gamble, demands make-or-break health vote

Trump threatens to leave ObamaCare in place if repeal bill fails…

Obama: 'America Is Stronger Because Of The Affordable Care Act'

Trump delivers ultimatum to House Republicans: Pass health-care measure on Friday or he’ll move on…

Remind Congress to be kind to the elderly and the poor who are all Americans.
If your new plan, America will return to sender.

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The Donald's art of the BS!

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37% Approval Rating
2 Failed #MuslimBans
Under #FBI Investigation
#Wiretapping Fantasy Exposed