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One hundred infected and ten dead from the Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in New York City that local politicians, who are crafting their own downfall are still claiming the deadly disease has reached its peak and that cases will likely decline in the upcoming weeks. This is not only a medical emergency folks, but it is also an infrastructure crisis: The reason this outbreak occurred is a failure to care for the buildings New Yorkers live and work in.

Meanwhile, New York State Department of Health is providing free Legionella testing for building owners, operators, managers and landlords of buildings with cooling towers or evaporator condenser units that can be sources of the bacteria. Testing will be done free of charge through the Department’s Wadsworth Center Laboratory. This service will be available until October, when the hot summer temperatures that may contribute to the growth of Legionella bacteria have moderated. State phone lines available in order to further facilitate Legionella testing by State Health officials. Those numbers (888-769-7243 or 518-485-1159 free of charge.

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