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CSPAN: DEBATE Video of the entire event, or watch the debate in 17 segments.

FULL VIDEO: Second Presidential Debate in St. Louis, MO (1:43:26)…

These are our recommendations:

Are you modeling appropriate behavior for our youth? (11:00)

How has the campaign changed you? (8:24)

Were you careless with your emails? (4:23)

What will you do to bring health care costs down? (8:08)

How will you help Muslim-Americans? (4:06)

Is the Muslim ban no longer your position? (2:12)

Why take the risk of letting Syrian refugees into the U.S.? (3:57)

Is it acceptable to have both public and private positions? (5:13)

What specific tax provisions would you change? (4:37)

Did you avoid paying federal income taxes? (5:13)

What would you do about Syria and the crisis in Aleppo? (8:43)

Would you introduce the threat of U.S. forces in Syria? (2:23)

Will you be a devoted president to all Americans? (7:06)

Does Mr. Trump have the discipline to be a good leader? (3:07)

Choosing a Supreme Court justice. (5:14)

What will your energy policy include? (4:41)

Name one thing you respect about the other candidate. (2:56)