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RETUMBA wishes to share a link to a new single on YouTube. Enjoy the message and may your year be filled with much love, health, happiness and joy.

A Dream Come True By City Island's RETUMBA with Nancy Friedman:

♫ A Dream Come True - ¡Retumba!. Listen @cdbaby

* Happy New Year 2014 - A Dream Come True * City Island's RETUMBA with Nancy Friedman

¡Retumba! is a multi-ethnic all-female music and dance ensemble founded in March 1981 in celebration of Women's History month. Interweaving traditional rhythms, beautiful ancient melodies, with its very own unique interpretation, ¡Retumba! bases its work on the music and dance of Africa, Europe, and its expressions in the Americas and the Caribbean -Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Dominican Republic,

¡Retumba! emphasizes the particular strengths and sensitivities of diverse women working together in celebration, demonstrating the similarities and links of our shared cultures. ¡Retumba! brings forth the drama and excitement of world culture and traditions into a feast of folkloric music that can be enjoyed by everyone.