The Dumps For President Trump

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The next thing they will be saying is that...
#TrumpisGay #TrumpisaCommunist #TrumpisnotAmerican

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Trump has lied telling voters that hard problems are easy to solve and that trade-offs can be avoided. He is a BS artist and a fraud. Suspend all support the sooner the better.

What's a chief executive to do when his own people, who voted for him turn on him in masses?
Congressional investigations by select members of US House and Senate leadership involving the White House. Pump the brakes: A handful of Trump voters are coming to the painful realization that they’ve been had…

CITY IMAGES can't find a high alarming level of trouble this soon in any previous young US administration. #APPoll: Over 60 percent of voters disapprove of Trump's handling of a bill to overhaul health care system:

President Trump's popularity has hit an all-time low in the short time he has been in office and the bad news is being reported by conservative and liberal publications.
Trump’s unpopularity is historic — because it usually requires a war, a Watergate or a recession
Gallup: Trump's approval rating hits 35% as men's support decreases
Trump's outlook going from bad to worse

Besides his low approval ratings, @potus executive orders have been rebuked by federal judges and individuals, as well as US States are suing him in court. US judge in Hawaii has extended his order blocking President Donald Trump's travel ban until state's lawsuit is resolved.
Federal judge in Hawaii extends ruling halting travel ban indefinitely @CNNPolitics
Trump's lawyers argue the president is too busy for sexual misconduct defamation lawsuit
Seattle sues Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’ order…

The president continues to refuse to release his taxes as the country counts his leadership lo
How states could force Trump to release his tax returns
Most young Americans don't see Trump as a legitimate leader